The Staples of a Good Workplace

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What do you think is the number one staple for a good workplace?

Not all workplaces are created equal. They may all have the same purpose — to provide employees a space to get things done — but results can vary significantly. A well-thought-out workplace gently encourages workers to deliver their best work; a poorly planned or uninspiring space will have the opposite effect.

Ultimately, employees want to work in a pleasant, friendly space, so much so that it can even have an impact on a company’s employee retention rate. If you want to get the most from your employees and all-around help your business, then you need to create a space that works. In this post, we’ll look at some of the key ingredients that create a favorable workspace.

Make sure yours has them all, and you’ll be doing right by your business.

Inspiring Entryways

Just as at your property, the entranceway to your work facility will play a significant role in setting the tone of the overall space. While it’ll vary from one business to the next, the objective is to create a place that feels inviting.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel for your entryway, but it should be well-signposted, clean, bright, and branded. In doing so, you won’t just make a positive impression with your employees — who will intuitively know what’s expected of them — but also with your visitors and job candidates. 

Plenty of Space

Everyone has a preferred way of working, but there are some environments that everyone agrees are not work-friendly. If your space is cramped, then your employees will notice. Good work requires space to think — and in some cases, to physically work. It’s important to match the office space with the number of employees. What was once the perfect space may later become problematic if you increase the size of your workforce.

If you’re unable to upgrade your office, you can make your existing site more spacious by asking some employees to work from home or supplementing your office with a coworking space. For instance, you may put a team that doesn’t require day-to-day contact with other teams in a private coworking office space. 

Work-Friendly Atmosphere

The right workspace atmosphere is one that toes the line between professional and relaxed. If things are overly professional, then workers begin to feel that they’re continually under pressure, or can’t bring any of their outside personality to work. If things are too relaxed, then work is left undone.

You can create the right atmosphere by setting the tone. As the leader of the business, your approach is what will have the most influence! Having a work-first mentality, but also allowing workers to talk and get to know one another is the right approach. 

Site Security

Above all, business owners have a responsibility to ensure that their staff is safe while at work. This involves analyzing risks and putting protective measures in place — for example, providing employees with personal protective equipment, if required. Also, keep in mind that your workplace should be a restricted space that’s closed to the public.

While it’s unlikely anything will happen, your employees will feel better if they know that only verified people are onsite. As well as investing in door security (such as card-only access), you can issue a badge lanyard to your employees, which will allow them to easily carry their I.D. cards. Also, remember to record any incident, however minor, that puts employees at risk, and make adjustments so that it doesn’t happen again in the future. 

Meeting Areas

Your employees should have the capacity to work together. That won’t happen on its own. As well as providing the time for your go-getter employees to collaborate, you should also provide the space for them to do so, too. Putting together a few meeting areas and breakout zones will significantly increase the likelihood that your team will work on projects together.

This won’t just benefit the employees; studies have shown that businesses that invest in employee collaboration tend to perform better than ones that do not. 

Branded Decor

Your company’s branding is about more than what you tell the world. It should flow through every aspect of your organization, including your workspace. A branded office helps to reinforce the company’s branding with employees, who will receive a clear idea of what the business is all about. Aligning your workspace with your branding can take work, and it’s usually best to work with an expert.

However, broadly speaking, it’s mostly about creating a space that makes sense with what you say about your company. For example, a forward-thinking, hip company should have progressive, modern decor; a traditional business should have more classic decor touches. 

Refreshment Zones

Studies have repeatedly shown that employees love refreshments. Even something as simple — and inexpensive — as free coffee and donuts can have a transformative impact on an employee’s experience of their job.

Look at putting together a refreshment area that’s modern, clean, and offers free drinks and food. In addition, there should be modern appliances that allow workers to eat more complex dishes for lunch. 

Joyful Touches 

Not every aspect of the workplace has to be functional. In fact, it shouldn’t be. While the vast majority of workplace additions will be there to serve a purpose — boosting productivity — there are some elements that can exist purely for joy purposes.

Adding plants to the office is a tried and tested way to provide your workers with some easy serotonin, while you can also consider adding art to the walls. More than anything, these kinds of touches will be there to elevate employee morale. After all, it’s much nicer to work in a space that isn’t overly gray. You’ll lose nothing by bringing a few touches of joy into the office!

Company Culture

Finally, the number one staple of a good workplace: a friendly, open, positive company culture! This isn’t one that you can change overnight, and it’s also not something that you can leave to chance. It’s too important. Work on creating a company culture that works for everyone at your company. 

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