Wedding Essentials You Should Never Leave Too Late

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Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, have fun by being prepared and not forgetting about these!

If you want to be hitched without a hitch, then there are some aspects of your wedding planning that you should definitely get sorted sooner, rather than later, including the following:

1. Bridal Alterations: No, Your Seamstress Isn’t a Wizard

When it comes to your wedding dress, it’s fair to say that fit matters, folks. Bridal alterations are not the place for last-minute Larrys. Good seamstresses are like fairy godparents, but even they can’t make fabric appear out of thin air. So, you are going to want to allow at least 6-8 weeks for alterations to happen because, believe it or not, altering a wedding dress is more complex than duct-taping a hem.

So, if you are trying to lose weight, you’re going to need to be comfortable with your 2 months before the wedding weight. Plus, who wants to suck in their breath the entire ceremony because they thought “one size fits all” included wedding attire?

2. Venue Booking: Unless You Want a Backyard Bash

Dreaming of a sunset wedding on the beach or a rustic barn that screams shabby chic more than just shabby? Venues book fast—like, faster than your new in-laws jumping to conclusions. If you don’t book early, you might end up saying your vows in the parking lot of that one diner you both kinda like. Not ideal, unless retro grease-smell is your theme.

3. Caterers: Because Hangry Guests Are Scary

Food is the universal love language. But here’s the deal—good caterers are in high demand. If you don’t want your reception to feature stale crackers and whatever’s left in the discount bin at the grocery store, book your caterer early. And remember, a well-fed guest is a dance floor-filling, toast-making, happy guest.

4. Photographers: No, Your Cousin’s iPhone Won’t Cut It

Sure, everyone’s a photographer until it’s time to capture that not-so-candid candid shot without making everyone look like they’ve just seen a ghost. Professional photographers, like venues, book up faster than you can say “cheese.” Plus, you’ll want someone who can Photoshop out that accidental red wine stain on your shirt.

5. Music and Entertainment: Avoid the iPod Shuffle Disaster

Music sets the tone for the entire reception. Unless you want your first dance to be interrupted by an ad for car insurance (thanks, streaming playlist), hire a professional DJ or band. They know how to keep the beats flowing and the party going.

6. Hair and Makeup Trials: It’s Not Just Glitter and Hairspray

Last but not least, let’s talk about your face and hair. Book a trial or two with your hair and makeup artists to avoid any day-of surprises—like discovering you’re allergic to the “hypoallergenic” mascara, or that your “natural” makeup look is more clownish than chic.

Remember, a little planning goes a long way, especially when it comes to weddings. By tackling these essentials early, you can avoid turning your dream day into a series of unfortunate events.

Now, get out there and plan like you’ve never planned before—your wedding day depends on it!

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