This Is How To Boost Customer Engagement In Your Business

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Here are some ways to boost customer engagement and increase your success.

What’s the big deal about customer engagement, you ask? In today’s market, engagement is crucial to business success for several important reasons, including boosting sales, driving revenue growth, and increasing customer loyalty. In short, if you want your business to be successful, you will need engaged customers. The good news is you can find some of the best customer engagement strategies to help you do this below. 

Collect customer feedback

It’s one of the most basic rules of being a successful business, but listening to your customers carefully is crucial if you want them to engage. The funny thing is that many businesses can have problems doing this because they fear negative feedback, especially when it’s publicly displayed online. 

The good news is that even negative feedback can be used for good. A negative review or response will contain some of the most valuable information on where your business is going wrong and how you can fix it. You can be sure that if one customer has had an issue, there will be many more who have also had this experience and have not spoken up. 

Additionally, a negative public review can always be used for good in how you reply. Indeed, few customers expect perfect 5/5 stars from every customer, but they do want to see companies listening to customers, being respectful, and doing their best to put any problems right. 

Use a chatbot

Another great way to boost customer engagement is to use a chatbot on your website. Chatbots help reduce customer churn, as visitors get their questions answered immediately, allowing them to go ahead and make their purchase reassured that they have all the information they need. 

Happily, chatbots are also cost-effective options, especially if you choose something like this PHP live chat software which is simple to use for both customers and businesses. The great thing is that it also offers advanced features for professional developers as well which means it can be tailored specifically to the needs of your business and your customers. 

Improve your customer service

While it appears simple, a high level of customer service will always increase customer engagement. After all, if a customer has a positive experience, they are much more likely to interact with your business again. Also, great customer service experiences promote positive engagement online in terms of reviews and social media mentions, so they are a strategy that keeps giving! 


Personalization is a hugely effective way of boosting customer engagement, as everyone likes to be singled out positively and made to feel special. There are plenty of ways to personalize your interactions with customers, too, from sending them marketing materials with their names and products they are likely to be interested in based on their previous choices to personalized rewards. 

Personalizing your interactions with your customers can create a stronger bond between you, ensuring that they choose you over your competitors every time. 

Leverage push notifications

It’s also possible to use push notifications to boost engagement. They can be utilized to send personalized messages to customers and improve their experience. 

One of the best ways to use push notifications is to inform customers about a limited-time offer or a sale ending soon. This way, you can ensure they are aware of potential savings and the period for which they are available. However, Push notifications also need to be applied as they can not only overwhelm customers in large amounts but also prevent them from thinking of your site as trustworthy. 

Get Social 

Another effective way to boost engagement is to use your business’s social media pages. There are various benefits to using your business’s social media to connect and engage with your customers effectively. 

The first is that social media is interactive by nature and encourages conversation. This means it lends itself well to engagement because you can ask for customer views and opinions. The additional benefit of this is that you can gather very useful information through these interactions because when many customers like something, you know you’ll be on the right track with your approach. 

Lastly, engagement through social media can help ingrain your business as part of your customers’ daily lives. They can get accustomed to seeing you in their social media feed, and over time, this not only helps build trust but also ensures you’re the first company they will think of when it comes time to make a purchase. 

Lastly, responding to comments is crucial if you want customers to engage with your business’s social media. Remember, everyone wants that dopamine hit of being recognized and acknowledged, so you must provide this for those engaging with your accounts. 

Go Live! 

Community is a valuable commodity when it comes to customer engagement. The good news is you can leverage it by hosting live events online that not only bring people together but also help increase customer engagement with your business. 

One of the easiest ways to do this is to host an Instagram Live session, which, in contrast to a video that customers can watch anytime, creates a feeling of exclusivity and urgency. It’s even better to have some information or a product to drop that won’t be available for general release for some time, as this can encourage people to engage. 

Other options for live events include YouTube Live, zoom meetings, and webinars. The best approach here is to choose a platform that resonates with your customers. For example, a clothing brand targeting young people might have more luck on Instagram. At the same time, a B2B SaaS business would succeed more with a live webinar that is not only more professional feeling but can be used to answer detailed technical questions and so remove roadblocks to purchasing a product. 

Produce content aimed at customers

The Internet is packed with content marketing examples, a trend that won’t be going away anytime soon. This makes sense, too, because good quality content provides value to potential customers before they have even purchased, establishing brand loyalty, trust, and engagement. 

Happily, plenty of forms of content can be useful to your business, including blogs that answer the most frequently searched questions. Interactive content is also very popular right now, with AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions on Reddit being a great example.

In such sessions, a person from your business goes online to answer a selection of written questions posted by the public. This can improve your brand reputation and demonstrate transparency and trustworthiness. Anyone can ask anything, though, so it’s always a good idea to have another person look out for any potentially difficult or damaging questions they can report if they contradict the site’s rules.

Alternatively, you can always leave them unanswered, which is fine for silly questions. However, for serious ones, leaving them unanswered could result in districts from those reading the exchange. 

Prioritize video content 

While on content, let’s discuss how much customers love videos. Indeed, compared to any other type of content, video is surely king. This is hardly surprising either, as video can educate and entertain in a very effective and dynamic way, making it practically irresistible if planned and presented properly. 

That means that using video to boost customer engagement in your business is always a good idea if you invest in high-quality production values. That means having one person in front of the camera droning on for hours like a work training video is a bad idea. Instead, you need to use plenty of different techniques to make the videos you produce as fun, interesting, and engaging as possible. 

One option is to use animation or a mix of human presentation and animation to show more complex concepts. Music can also be effective in adding interest and creating an atmosphere. Remember, too, that with the rise of TikTok, short-form videos are hugely popular right now, so if you can distill your message down into a very succinct production, you can reach a huge number of potential customers and significantly increase engagement. 

Use Shoppable Videos

From the section above, we know that videos are a great tool for customer engagement, but you can use them even more effectively by making them shoppable. Shoppable videos contain product tags or clickable links that allow customers to buy quickly and easily from the content they engage with.

This starkly contrasts the other option of watching a video / reading a post about a product, engaging with it, and then navigating away to make a purchase. Indeed, by keeping your customers on the same platform, you can ensure maximum engagement through likes and shares and remove the hurdles from the buying process. 

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