Wendy Sosik

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chakrawrapsCHAKRA WRAPS™ Chakra Color Therapy balancing your mind & body energy for wellness. Knowing that color can influence our mood and emotions, it’s important to enhance our personal energetic field with colors that make us feel good. Each colors speaks to a specific chakra energy point in body. The colors we are drawn to are usually the ones we need. Don’t be surprised if its more than one!

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Wendy Sosik

About Wendy Sosik

Wendy Sosik, Certified Reiki Practitioner & Founder of A-HA DESIGN LLC, is committed to creating beautiful jewelry pieces and helping people to heal themselves. The Ask Believe Receive jewelry is designed to inspire and remind your soul how to create your best life, which in turn, will contribute to the greater good of our global community. The CHAK-ROCKS healing crystal jewelry helps to balance your body’s energies to promote wellness and healing from within.