Maria Luchsinger

15% off Daily Planner for Women

This daily planner is for women who want to put all of their planning in just one place.

There are sections for Thoughts for the Day, Appointments, Action Steps for your Goals and has a place to record your accomplishments.

Plus, there are inspirational quotes for each week.


8″ x 11″   374 pages with a glossy cover

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Maria Luchsinger

About Maria Luchsinger

Maria is a certified life coach, teacher, and author who is dedicated to helping women rediscover their joy through career transformation. Since she has known the freedom and excitement of redesigning her own career, she is excited about inspiring and supporting women to reach their unique potential and meet each day with a zest for life. In addition to 30 years of work experience, mainly in the fields of Business and Education, Maria holds a B.A. in Elementary Education, and M. A. credits in Intercultural Education, Leadership and Curriculum Development. Maria volunteers as the National Literacy Ambassador for a non-profit organization called Xcellence, Inc. by promoting reading out loud and writing across America. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, John. Her interests include reading, photography, playing the piano, and travel, especially to visit her children and grandchildren.