Book: Lose That Mommy Guilt: Tales & Tips From an Imperfect Mom

Book: Lose That Mommy Guilt:
Tales & Tips from an Imperfect Mom
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That darn mommy guilt-so many of us feel it when we fall short of perfect.

Guess what? You will be far from perfect and that’s okay!

In this book, Lose That Mommy Guilt, Tales and Tips from an Imperfect Mom,  I share my experiences that being imperfect is the norm, not the exception when it comes to parenting.  Whether you’ve just found out you are pregnant, or have a child in school I hope that by sharing my mistakes and lessons learned you gain confidence to let go of the guilt that can make parenting so much tougher.

“As the baby grows the mommy guilt grows. It doesn’t matter how good of a mom you are, you will find a way to beat yourself up over something, I am here to say that it does not have to be that way. As moms we are amazing and we don’t recognize it enough.”

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About Cara Maksimow

Cara Maksimow is a Clinical Therapist, Life Coach, Speaker, Wife and Mom living in Northern NJ. She has her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Rutgers University, her MSW from Columbia University Graduate School of Social Work and a Certificate in Professional Coaching. Since 2014 she has owned Maximize Wellness Counseling and Coaching LLC where she provides supportive counseling for people navigating through times of transition, stress, anxiety and depression. She works collaboratively with her clients to identify strengths, problem solve, reach goals and increase resiliency. Prior to starting her practice, she spent 13 years working for a Pharmaceutical Company as a Trainer and Sales Manager. She and her husband both grew up in the same town in northern NJ. They began dating at their ten year high school reunion, married shortly after and have two amazing children who are now transitioning into adolescents. Cara loves to spend her free time reading psychology books, binge-watching Netflix and hanging out with her family and friends. She believes her greatest achievement is raising her children to be kind and happy despite all of her mistakes along the way.