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Awareness is the first step right? Each of these questions are true/false. If you feel like the statement applies to you most of the time select true if not then select false.

Right or wrong does not exist. After the quiz you will be given tons of tools, tips and techniques to end your affair of food and kick shame to the curb for good! Are you having an affair with food? Take the quiz HERE!

The Savor You Manifesto Print:

Society does not support you savoring yourself.

Society values going with the flow, eating according to what they say, valuing the “perfect” body. It is easy to get off track.

That is why I created this Savor Manifesto! In order to create your unique recipe to a sassy, sexy and satisfied life; you need visuals!

The Savor You Manifesto becomes your call to arms; something you can view constantly to keep you grounded.


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About Maureen Wielansky

My name is Maureen Wielansky and I am a Food Relationship Expert. I often say the “experts” become “experts because they have gotten up one more time than they have fallen. I have hated myself up the scale and loved myself down and then hated myself again. Yet, through all the love and hate, weight gain and weight loss; binging and purging with exercise; I finally figured out that my obsession food was not a problem that needed to be solved. Rather it is the doorway to creating my own sassy, sexy and satisfied life!