Identity 5 Show

BETA – Stay tuned for our out of 2012 launch   of   MUSE of the Month, Scratching the Surface with the Identity 5!

The Identity Five Show, Scratching the Surface – is an online show featuring high profile, diverse, and real women, who unveil their inner secrets about self-worth and self-esteem. Many women tend to not focus on tapping into a deeper level of self. It’s not an everyday occurrence for each of us to discuss the good and the challenges we face each day.

The Identity Five is a set of five questions that I have used and continue to use as a tool to dig inward, ground myself and challenge myself. I encourage all Identity readers to answer the Identity Five. I am honored that these women will be allowing us to connect with them on an everyday level. We can all relate no matter what our professions, backgrounds, ages, or beliefs. Released shows so far: Melanie Notkin, Melissa Cassera, Angela Jia Kim, Susan Zimmerman & Jennifer Tuma-Young.

“Um, O.k. THAT was AWESOME!   So professional, so inspiring, and your guest was a hoot!   I really, really enjoyed this! “- Beth A.

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“You have been soooo good to me as a sponsor–thank you so much for all the time and care you’ve put into it. I’m incredibly excited to participate!” – Shasta Nelson