Identity: This Magbook Will Empower You to Accept. Appreciate. Achieve.TM

Identity: This Magbook Will Empower You to Accept. Appreciate. Achieve.TM

Foreword by Mike Michalowicz, Author of Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Finally! Finally, there is a Magbook that lets you embrace who you are. A Magbook that lets you be adored by others, because you are allowed to adore yourself. Finally, a Magbook that doesn’t show you how to change yourself to become perfect, but instead shows the perfection that is already you.

At first glance it may seem somewhat strange that a guy is writing the foreword for a Magbook about women, written by women. But there is a reason. I have something you don’t. I have watched this new trend from afar. And there is something big happening. Women are taking the lead.

Women are taking the lead in all facets of life. And, as Martha says, “That’s a good thing.”

Women are leading the new economic recovery. Women are making more and doing more. Women are also leading in politics (I’m sure a woman president is just around the corner), are leading in entrepreneurship, and leading in the home front. This change has been needed for a long time, and I am thrilled to see it happening.

But just like everything else, there is a trade off. With all the progress and positive change women are bringing about, they are compromising themselves. They are allowing themselves to be sacrificed — maybe it’s less sleep, or less alone time, or a barely noticeable, consistent dripping away of their identity.

Susan Vernicek is a dear friend to me and an inspiration to us all. In the Identity Magbook, she shows women how to appreciate and cherish themselves, how to live life again on their terms, and most importantly, how to reclaim their identity. And this is what is needed more than ever before.

For this wonderful movement to continue, it needs the support that Susan provides. This one little Magbook you hold in your hands does just that.

And, I believe, will be one of the reasons this world and the wondrous things women are trying to bring about, actually happens. Thank you Susan!

Second Foreword
Susan’s Therapist,   Catherine Bridwell

Psychotherapist, marriage and family counselor and life coach

Chances are good that since you’ve picked up this copy of Identity, you have some knowledge of the online magazine by the same title. Chances are slim that you have knowledge about the personality and life experiences behind the single— minded determination that led to its creation. Entrepreneurism and creativity don’t exist in vacuums. This Magbook’s focus of inspiration, encouragement and validation sprang initially from a woman who needed reality checks and boosts herself.

Susan entered young adulthood having experienced a hefty dose of adversity: a family that dealt with alcoholism and drug abuse, a member in prison, negative and destructive communication patterns, awful relationship boundaries, infidelity, financial worries. She knew about destructive personal relationships and depression. She also reached adulthood with the personality traits and energy level to tackle the confusion and emotional tumult that linger from those background issues. For the past few years her positive outlook, curiosity about people, caring and willingness to forgive have been focused on outreach to others through the online magazine, Identity.

Susan is young. She’s enthusiastic. She’s energetic, determined and generous. The magazine and now this Magbook are about a beginning.

Now, Ladies (and Gentlemen), let’s sit back, explore and absorb.




“I read the Identity Magbook…very honest and refreshing. It takes courage for a young woman to want to expose herself, her  insecurities, struggles both past and present to  help others to be good with who they are.  To me it was like reading excerpts from others diaries  on how  their journeys and experiences have influenced their lives both good and bad. It helps to support others looking to find their way, questioning a path they chose  or are currently  struggling with making your book an especially good read for young women. I gave it to my daughter who is 27 to read next!” -Trish Cooper, Founder of ZatsWho ®

“Women have always been a powerful force. But sometimes they need inspiration to allow them to step into that power and find the “Identity” within. This Magbook gives the reader the opportunity to further develop the most important relationship they have in their life…the one they have with themselves. Congrats to Susan for putting it together.” – Marlene J. Waldock, Founder of Because We Are Women

“This Magbook taught me how to love the skin I’m in. It gave me a major boost to know that Identity touched so many topics I questioned or wanted to know more about. Women are a powerful species, and this book will assist you to gain more and more confidence as you continue to read. With the help of inspiring stories told by real women, you receive the full effect of how loving yourself can get you further than you think in life. A definite must have!” – Veronica Schoen, Identity Reader

“Amazing job! Not what I expected! Helpful advice and stories that touched my heart. It’s inspirational and funny! I would definitely recommend this book to all of my girlfriends.” – Lauren Montanaro, Identity Reader

“Rejoice:   This book is like a warm hug.   By bravely owning her own fears, perceived weaknesses and past history the author provides a safe forum for her readers to explore their own inner sanctums.   Finding out that others share the same problems, uncertainties and emotions is greatly reassuring and allows us to boldly tackle our own journey of recognizing ourselves without recrimination. What a great “coming together” of women who bare their souls in the safety of this warm and engaging Magbook.   The Identity mantra of Accept, Appreciate and Achieve is there for all to embrace.” – Jennifer Pirnie Nichols


Video Testimonial by Sarah Cook

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