About Us

The Identity Mission

Safe and nurturing ground for women, national digital publication, Identity Magazine, provides a community for them to voice their stories and benefit from articles contributed by others who share the same dreams, goals, and challenges. Not your average beauty and fashion publication, Identity prides itself on offering substantive pieces on, among other topics, nutrition, emotional and physical health, career, and self-help. Ultimately, Identity serves as a resource, or better, a spark, that ignites every woman’s flame, accelerating her journey toward self-discovery. Identity addresses her hopes of well-being and self-actualization with anecdotal inspiration by way of online content available for all to consume and savor.

Our mission is to empower women to get all A’s in the game of life by discovering their power of Self-Acceptance, Appreciation, and Personal Achievement. We believe that once you accept, embrace, and own a situation or circumstance and show gratitude and appreciation for what you currently have, it is then that you can achieve at a greater level within yourself and your life.

The Identity Experience

We are all individual in our thoughts, interests, beliefs, and experiences. Each of us harbors our own fears, doubts, questions, and insecurities. That’s why we bring you a positive and safe place to turn to for information, inspiration, support, sharing, and permission to just be who you are.

We allow you to be perfectly imperfect.

You won’t find articles on our website about the latest and greatest diets, fashion fads, celebrity chatter, and beauty miracles. Why? Because there’s enough of that in the world, and we understand that there is no quick fix when it comes to your mental or physical health. The full Identity experience allows you to embrace your inner self, to love who you currently are, and to achieve your potential without comparison to anyone else. Our articles and insights reflect these important philosophies of self-love and self-help.

The Identity Woman, You!

Whether you’re a wife, mother, student, business professional, teacher, or artist, you are the Identity woman. You’re strong and intelligent, funny and curious, ambitious and outgoing, and open to new ideas that will make a worthwhile difference in your life and the life of others. You’re caring and nurturing, often more focused on home and work obligations than you are on yourself. You go all day, yet can’t resist the urge to curl up on the couch with a good movie or book. Separate from that, you’re a woman with moments of discontent, like us all, and at times feel less than self-confident, and alone in your concerns. You need a place to reach out. Identity provides that safe space.

Identity is designed by women and for women. It’s an online community for those of us who have no interest in feeling inferior while looking at the airbrushed and enhanced cover girls who dominate our media, and who we sometimes feel compelled to emulate. The Identity woman doesn’t want to be constantly reminded of who she’s not, she wants to know that who she is, currently, is far more than enough.

The Identity Butterfly

We embrace the butterfly as a symbol of our uniqueness and the personal journey we are each traveling. Not one butterfly looks alike, and this is a reminder that we don’t need to compare ourselves to anyone else around us–because we are talented and beautiful just the way we are.

Like our own identities, a butterfly morphs through many stages and layers during its lifetime. The changes we face–day in and day out–help shape our identities into the multiple layers that make us who we are. Our identities are made up of our physical, mental, and spiritual selves, as well as our hobbies, religious beliefs, education, intelligence, and unique viewpoints. We embrace the belief that our identities run far deeper than what can be seen on the surface.

The Identity Community

We invite you into our community of women who are eager to support you and learn from you. In our community, we celebrate the real layers that make us each unique and we share our personal experiences and personal stories. This is a not a place where you will leave feeling like you need to change…but a safe haven for women who desire to evolve and become stronger through the support of others.

The Identity Community is comprised of readers and writers, who spark rich discussions and learn from one another. We’re always looking for women to join our panel of writers and columnists and share their tips and advice with our audience. We also allow paid advertorial that only supports our mission and message to best serve you.

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Susan Vernicek: Confidence Speaker

Meet the Founder, Susan Vernicek

Susan Vernicek, Self-Esteem Expert, Author, and Successful Entrepreneur, is on a mission to provide the opportunity for women to Discover THEIR Power of self-acceptance, appreciation, and achievement within themselves and within their lives. But, you would never know this small-town Jersey girl spent years struggling with her own “identity”. She climbed her way out of a learning disability, a difficult environment, and a job that made her feel inadequate.

Susan began her career at a medical company after receiving her bachelor’s degree in graphic design and photography from Frostburg State University. She had big dreams of designing groundbreaking advertisements.

But, instead, Susan spent her workdays altering images of people’s (including her own) faces. Spending so much of her time distorting and reworking herself, essentially who she was “her identity” began to take its toll. She didn’t want to spend her time as a guinea pig, manipulating her then 25-year-old face, so that her company would have a perfectly proportioned scale to work with—Susan wanted to leave work feeling fulfilled, not inadequate.

Hence, Identity Magazine was born.

Susan with no business background, created Identity, an online magazine for women. She took her own struggles and turned them into an opportunity to learn and grow. Interviewing thousands of women, reading articles from experts to everyday women, entrenching herself into what it means to love ourselves, Susan’s passion has paid off. Once a student, now she is also the teacher. Identity has become the go-to resource for over 800,000 women and counting. Susan travels the country speaking, leading workshops, and appearing in the media to promote the importance of self-awareness.

Susan’s energetic spirit is contagious, she is currently on a 48-state book tour and workshop with her Identity MagBook, a compellation of her online magazine articles. And, since 2008, Susan has been speaking to groups, ranging from three to over 100 people ages 16 to 60 years old. What makes Susan’s workshops and speaking engagements unique is her signature “Get All A’s in the Game of Life”, Identity, which are five questions designed to engage, empower, and energize participants in a comfortable and self-reflective manner (answers are only voluntarily shared).

Susan has hosted workshops and speaking engagements in schools, municipal offices, Wounded Warrior Project, Union Conferences, and for several business and networking groups, including Purnell School, B.I.G. (Believe. Inspire. Grow.), Business of Soul, and Wise Women Network.

And it doesn’t end there, from magazines, radio and TV, to books and print, Susan is spreading her message throughout the world. You can find her articles and tips quoted online like Huffington Post, EmpowHER, BlogHer, Yahoo Shine, and in books published by Harper Collins, Bright Street Books, Reinvention Press, and Open Door Publication, watch her appearances on affiliates of ABC & NBC news, as well as read her articles on countless websites and newspapers.

Susan believes in leveraging her success for the good of others, not just other women and business owners, but those in need. Susan received the 2010 Individual Supporter of the Year for her “30 Wishes Campaign” for One Simple Wish (a non-profit dedicated to helping children and families in need). For Susan’s 30th birthday, she created the “30 Wishes Campaign” encouraging her friends and family to make donations instead of giving Susan gifts. Her goal was to raise enough funds to grant 30 wishes (ranging from a backpack to a family movie night). She used her professional and personal networks to generate funds and awareness. Susan’s campaign was so successful that she was able to grant over 30 wishes. Susan also partners with B.I.G. by supporting their scholarship fund, which provides monetary awards to junior and senior high school students interested in starting a business.