Identity Magazine & Susan Vernicek Testimonials

Identity Magazine & Susan Vernicek Testimonials

I feel extremely blessed that through Identity Magazine, talks, workshops, and retreats, we have received so much support, including kind words and compliments. Below are a sample of testimonials received from individuals and brands with whom I’ve, Susan Vernicek and Identity Magazine has worked with.

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Identity Magazine & Susan Vernicek Testimonials: Vincent James“I have been working in the food industry for over 25+ years and worked with many different  contractors. Susan at Identity Magazine has helped us develop a social media strategy that has  tripled our reach to new consumers (from 15,000 to 55,000+ social media contacts).  

More importantly, she has helped us engage, interact and learn from our consumers by sponsoring  content that our consumers respond to through recipe development , banner advertisement,  articles, and contests. Susan is a pleasure to work with because of her positive, can-do attitude  and her talented, smart, responsive drive. I would recommend her without hesitation and look  forward to working with her on future projects.”

–Vincent James,  Former CEO & Founder,  Mediterranean Snacks  

Identity Magazine & Susan Vernicek Testimonials: Jen Miller“Grasping the need for a holistic approach to health, well-being and success, Susan Vernicek,  through her brilliant on-line media, Identity Magazine, reaches women with relevance, warmth and  understanding.  She brings partners together and helps them reach thousands of women with  creative and supportive ideas that move the needle.

Mustang Sally’s Now: Driving Women’s Leadership, a program fueled by Maplecrest Ford Lincoln,  is proud to be a part of the Identity Magazine on-line community. Through a partnership we created  with Susan called “Leading from the Wheel,” Mustang Sally’s Now provides tips and strategies to  help women feel more confident and comfortable in all aspects of the car buying and service  experiences.  

Thank you, Susan. You are an invaluable partner to Maplecrest Ford Lincoln and the Mustang  Sally’s Now: Driving Women’s Leadership program. Our collective efforts are changing the game  for women as we continue to Lead from the Wheel.”

– Jen Miller, Head of Brand Transformation  and Consumer Experience

Identity Magazine & Susan Vernicek Testimonials: Tara GilvarIf you could bottle her energy, enthusiasm and positive nature, you would have a guaranteed formula for success! Susan is an eternal optimist who recharges everyone around her with her positive spirit. I am always inspired by observing all that Susan undertakes. She is a wonderful role model to women and entrepreneurs everywhere and she continuously amazes those around her. We at B.I.G. are both proud and grateful to have had Susan as one of our pod leaders. Through her, our brand is wonderfully represented and she epitomizes our mission of “women empowering women” to fulfillment.”

— Tara McKenzie Gilvar

Identity Magazine & Susan Vernicek Testimonials: Lisa VillontSue’s “Get All A’s” workshop/retreats changes lives.  Hosting these workshops has led to clients re-entering the workforce, starting new businesses, and returning to school.  Asking “What will I do next, not in-spite-of, but because-of the challenges life has given me?” has proven to be a very powerful, life-changing question.”

– Lisa V. Outreach Specialist

Identity Magazine & Susan Vernicek Testimonials: M. Shannon Hernandez“I attended Susan’s retreat in Pennsylvania this year. It was refreshing to meet so many women who are committed to making big moves in business and life–which is exactly what the conference focused upon. It was well organized, the food was great, and the speakers and teachings were engaging. I would highly recommend this conference and Susan’s events to other women.”

— M. Shannon Hernandez


Identity Magazine & Susan Vernicek Testimonials: Ellen Goldman“Working with Susan is an absolute joy. She is one of the most creative, enthusiastic, and determined individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of being associated with. When she puts her mind to something, it gets done! I also admire her true desire to empower all women to live more fulfilled, happier and healthier lives. I am honored to be a contributing author and expert at Identity Magazine, and to work with such a dedicated and loving individual.”

– Ellen Goldman


Identity Magazine & Susan Vernicek Testimonials“Susan is incredibly passionate about Identity and its mission to inspire women to Accept. Appreciate. Achieve. She shares personal experiences with her readers that give Identity a warm and friendly appeal – it makes her and her magazine relatable for every type of woman. She works hard to deliver a worthwhile experience for her readers through her online magazine, as well as in person through her book tour workshops. She’s an excellent networker, accommodating to work for, and looks to promote not just her business, but her sponsors’ and advertisers’ companies/products as well.”

— Kimberly Elmore

“As an entrepreneur, there are certain characteristics that stand out when you work closely with other people. Sometimes it’s passion or desire, maybe commitment or attention to detail… Other times, it’s all of those things and then maybe something else, something special. Having known Susan for several years, both personally and professionally, I’d have to say that she has it — that something special you look for in others that inspires you. Susan inspires me to do more, to reach out, to improve myself and to nurture others. I’m very thankful for that and I’m confident that she can do the same for you…”
— Eric Burke

“The best way to describe Susan is that she is a go getter! Her drive and passion is unbelievable! She is such a hard working woman, and in a lot of ways, I look up to her. Everything is looked at in a positive way through her eyes. There are no barriers and every “block” in the road just gives her more drive to push through it. I have had the honor of working with her for the online magazine and now with the Identity 5 Tour, so I’ve been able to see how Susan makes every idea that pops into her head HAPPEN! She took her time to train me at the pace I needed because I have never been very good with computers. With her positive attitude and her patience, I became more confident every time I worked on the assignments she was giving me. Within 2 months of working for Susan, I felt like a pro behind a computer! She’s an excellent mentor and I have learned so much already by only working for her for a few months. She has and continues to help me with my own business that I finally started! Because of Susan, I’m a firm believer that if you are positive and want something badly enough, it WILL happen.”

–Veronica Schoen

“I met Susan Vernicek at a Master Mind group she organized on I was new to the PA area and wanted to connect with like minded women who were interested achieving their personal and professional goals. I went to the first meeting and learned more about Susan and all that she had be able to accomplish and decided I would engage her in a separate conversation about her professional coaching services. I’m glad I did. Even though I had a clear idea of where I wanted to be professionally I was not functioning at my optimum level and kept running into self created limitations. Susan’s approach was exactly what I needed. Her assignments helped me to assess certain ideas that weren’t at the forefront of my thinking. She helped me to adjust my strategy and gave me new ways to look at the way that I was working. Susan has been great at getting me to move forward. I value her perspective and insights on many issues and she always has tons of resources and encouragement on hand whenever I need it.  I am learning so much and I believe that I have already accomplished more than I could have without her. Susan exemplifies the very best qualities of an professional coach. She is passionate about the work she does and is always willing to do whatever it takes to help you become your personal best. I unequivocally recommend Susan Vernicek.”

–Xiomara D. Cotton

“I love your energy, it’s truly contagious and you tap into feminine energy completely.   I  was observing the women around me and I noticed how, as the afternoon progressed, they just opened up and felt their essence.    A beautiful thing to watch.”

— Susan M. (Get All A’s workshop testimonial)

“Thank you so much for putting on such a powerful workshop! It was great and I look forward to the next!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet such great women.”

— Sheryl S.  (Get All A’s workshop testimonial)