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“So, I got a POWERHOUSE on for ya in this next Episode. Susan Vernicek is a FireStarter guys. She has been known to help women shift their internal dialogue so that they can experience real transformation and real results in their business and their personal lives!

Susan is the creator of Identity Magazine and has a 90-day program where she guides her clients through the exact formula to “Get All A’s in the Game of Life”

Susan had SO much to share, so make sure you listen all the way to the end where she literally dropped GOLD! I think my mic picked up the sound of my jaw dropping!

If you’ve ever felt stuck or defeated, Susan is the woman to go to set your soul on fire! Her energy is super contagious and she was super fun to chat with… so pop those AirPods in, takes notes, and share your biggest takeaways with us… because this is where we build network marketing champions! ENJOY!” —Hera Zee

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Our mission is to empower women to "Get All A’s in their Game of Life" by discovering their powers and transforming through Self-Acceptance, Appreciation, and Personal Achievement—through all of our content and collaborations.

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